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That’s no idle boast. At McKenzie Pitch Partners, we coach you step-by-step through our Pitch SSP process. It’s thorough and logical. It’s disciplined and objective. It eliminates the guesswork in pitching. Follow it and you’ll take the process from chaos to control, stand out from the crowd, and increase your chances of winning. After you succeed, you’ll go from pitch to partner.

We know the Pitch SSP process works. Hamish McKenzie, a proud Australian with a global perspective, has field-tested it for nearly two decades with clients all over the world. After adopting his method, many have won multi-million-dollar contracts. In some cases, the results have been so striking they’ve mandated the approach throughout their organizations, reformed their people’s bad pitching habits, and put us out of a job. We like it when that happens.

We’re big on accountability, too. We don’t believe in making promises on which we can’t deliver — and we don’t think you should either. That’s why our method forces you to understand the client’s needs and goals first — and then come up with a strategy to meet them and a story to prove why you’re their smartest choice. Time and again we’ve learned it’s what you’re not doing when you pitch that matters. Pitch SSP covers all the bases. With so much at stake in today’s marketplace, isn’t it common sense to leave nothing to chance?

The brilliance of the Pitch SSP process lies in its simplicity.”

Hervé Sedky, President,
Reed Exhibitions for the Americas, Reed Elsevier

We think a lot about what convinces clients to sign on the dotted line. If you want to hear our thoughts on pitching to win, check out our blog.


From chaos
to control

From chaos
to control

We change the way you pitch

McKenzie Pitch Partners collaborates most successfully with clients who are interested in changing their pitching ways and open to letting us help them change. But change is challenging. Change takes patience and hard work. And change doesn’t happen overnight. Be prepared to dig in and abandon your preconceived notions. We challenge assumptions a lot. But if you’re willing to surrender to our process, you’ll save time, money, and have a lot more fun along the way. You’ll actually enjoy the pitching experience because we’ve removed its frustrations, inefficiencies and stumbling blocks.

If you partner with us, you’ll find us approachable and down-to-earth, and our guidance direct and honest. We start by assuming that we don’t know what we don’t know and that there’s no such a thing as a stupid question. We’re driven by client needs. They’re always our primary focus. That rule is sacrosanct.

Our team steers the entire process. We like to get in deep with our clients, so once we sign on we never consult at arms-length. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you on the front lines. Your win will be our win.

We were a long shot to win the bid to design and build a world-class tennis facility for the Australian Open in Melbourne. At the time, it was by far the biggest and most high profile deal we’d ever pitched on. We followed Hamish’s process and won. That deal was a game changer.”

Nick Pavlovic, State Manager — Victoria, Watpac Construction

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Plot your success

Pitching mistakes cost dearly
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What if you had a handy reference guide filled with the inside knowledge Hamish McKenzie has gained in the nearly two decades he has consulted on high-stakes pitches around the globe? We’ve taken that savvy and packaged it in a lively, conversational primer. Hamish explains how to follow the Pitch SSP process so you can easily navigate the strategy, story and presentation phases of pitch preparation. Along the way he helps you identify what you’re not doing when you pitch that’s costing you time and money, and shows you how to focus on what actually matters. You’ll find tactical tips, helpful charts, worksheets, case studies and lots of stories drawn from his consulting experience.

You’ll also get to hear Hamish sound off in his irreverent Aussie way on subjects ranging from the inherent madness of the RFP process to the widespread tendency of pitch teams to utterly ignore clients’ needs, confuse a pitch with a presentation, and rush to create a PowerPoint deck before they’ve even bothered to conceive a strategy and story. You’ll learn. You’ll laugh. You’ll identify. Above all, you’ll have the tools to change your approach, harness the process, and win.

This book demonstrates that all successful pitches are based on certain fundamentals. If you don’t know what they are, or simply need to be reminded, take it home. You’ll never approach pitching the same way again.”

Bruce Croxon, Managing Partner, Round 13 Capital

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If you book Hamish as a speaker or facilitator for your event, we promise you’ll be forced to rethink everything you thought you knew about pitching. It’s his rigorous SSP approach to pitching. His passion for his calling. His way of simplifying the complicated and telling a story. He’s also fearless about challenging conventional thinking when he thinks it stands in the way of walking out of a pitch a winner. The Australian charm and humor don’t hurt either.

Here’s the CV: Pitch consultant, author, speaker and born communicator with background in corporate banking, sales and operations management. Specializes in helping clients develop winning pitches and cohesive brand strategies. Advises investment bankers, commercial real estate brokers, politicians (among them a U.S. Congressman) and companies ranging from a boutique firm with five employees to an iconic global brand with 62,000. Has spoken at or facilitated events for clients including Intercontinental Hotels, Livingston International, American Express, Microsoft, WINiT, Cushman & Wakefield and Faskens LLP. Audiences range from CEOs and managing partners to international sales teams. If your listeners want to know how to win business in a fiercely competitive global marketplace, ask Hamish to speak. It’s a no-brainer.

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